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The Journal of Critical Analysis

The Journal of the National Council of Teachers for Critical Analysis, 1969-1992

Pasqual S. Schievella, Editor

The Journal of Critical Analysis was dedicated to the discussion of the training techniques and philosophical knowledge needed to help others develop crltical and analytical thinking skills. Toward that end it published original articles, reviews, replies from authors, and previously unavailable material from major thinkers. It was interested in: 1) objective and persistent inquiries into the "unanswerable" questions; 2) their relationship to the teaching of critical and analytical thinking, particularly in pre-college educational institutions; and 3) the means by which Critical Analysis can be admitted to institutional curricula and academic disciplines.

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  • Contributors included Nicholas Capaldi, Antony Flew, W. Michael Hoffman, Matthew Lipman, Joseph Margolis, Kai Nielsen, and Wade Robison.

    · ISSN 0022-0213 (print) · Print copies: Dr. Pasqual Schievella, 118 Willis Avenue, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 ·
    · ISSN 2154-0004 (online) · Online access includes all issues, volumes 1-9 (1969-1992) ·

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