Cover of Bulletin of Literary Semiotics

Bulletin of Literary Semiotics

Daniel Lafererrière, Editor

The Bulletin of Literary Semiotics emerged from discussions in at the first congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies in 1974, and is among the original semiotics periodicals published in the United States. It published bibliographies, survey articles, and announcements of forthcomcing publications in semiotics. Contributors included Daniel Lafererrière, John B. Lord, Walter Rewar, and Thomas Sebeok.

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  • This Bulletin ceased publication in 1976, and was relaunched as Semiotic Scene in cooperation with the Semiotic Society of America.

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    · ISSN 0196-0385 (print) · Annual · Print copies no longer available ·
    · ISSN 2334-5268 (online) · Online access includes Issues 2-3 (1975-1976) ·

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