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Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review

Carole M. Cusack and Xinzhang Zhang, Editors

The Alternative Spirituality and Religion Review publishes articles, reviews and review essays in the new religious movement (NRM) field. From Scientology to Falun Gong; Western Esoterism to neo-Shamanism; from popular religion in Japan to new religions in Korea, this journal aims for comprehensive coverage of the field. It includes studies of new movements within traditional religions, such as the Charismatic movement in Christianity, Guru movements in Hinduism, so-called Xie Jiao in China, and millenarian movements in indigenous societies.

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  • Additionally, the ASRR examines quasi-religious phenomena, including implicit religion, yoga, qigong, UFO societies, and spiritual healing. The journal is published biannually by Academic Publishing, Inc.

      "There is no question that ASRR fills a considerable gap in the literature."
      — Chris Partridge, Lancaster University, UK

      "Scholars of religion are inundated with new books, and it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the literature. ASRR fills the gap, providing scholars with review essays that help them stay current and know which books are most important for their research."
      — Helen A. Berger, West Chester University, UK

      "ASRR is an essential resource for any scholar working in the field."
      — Gerald Willms, Die Privatbibliothek, Germany

    · ISSN 1946-0538 (online) · Biannual · Online only · Acess includes volume 1 (2010) to present ·

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