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Philosophy and Culture

Essays in Honor of Donald Phillip Verene

Glenn Alexander Magee, Editor

This collection of original essays was assembled in honor of Donald Verene, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Metaphysics at Emory University and Director of the Institute of Vico Studies. It is a traditional Festschrift published on the occasion of Verene's sixty-fifth birthday. It includes contributions from Verene's contemporaries and younger colleagues discussing specific aspects of his work as well as themes that intersect with his interests. These contributions honor a teaching career that has spanned four decades in several countries, as well as a record of outstanding scholarship published in several languages. Together these essays represent a temperament that sees philosophy not as a technical enterprise, but as a human endeavor that does not lose sight of the original and lasting meaning of the term - the love of wisdom.


  • Andrea Battistini, Ariadne and the Minotaur: The Cultural Role of a Philosophy of Rhetoric
  • Bruce A. Haddock, Against the Current: Speculative Knowledge and Practical Wisdom
  • Donald W. Livingston, Hume on the Divine and Philosophic Barbarism
  • Ann Hartle, The Essay as Self-Knowledge: Montaigne's Philosophical Appropriation of History and Poetry
  • Thora Ilin Bayer, Socratic Self-Knowledge and the Philosophy of Symbolic Forms
  • William Desmond, Surplus Immediacy and the Defect(ion) of Hegel's Concept
  • Tönu Viik, The Reversal of the Absolute in Hegel
  • John Michael Krois, Ars Memoriae, Philosophy and Culture: Frances Yates and After
  • Glenn A. Magee, The Recovery of Myth and the Sensus communis

  • Writings of Donald Phillip Verene to June 2002
    A. Chronologically Arranged
    B. Selected Works by Topic

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