Cover of A Survey of International Corporate Responsibility

A Survey of International Corporate Responsibility

International Corporate Responsibility Series, Volume 4

Mohamed Dobashi, John Hooker, and Peter Madsen, Editors

This volume contains a selection of papers originally presented at the 2008 Conference on International Corporate Responsibility, which was held in November 2008 in Doha, Qatar. The conference was held under the increasingly opinous clouds of global financial crisis, with some corporations and their executives yet again involved in scandalous behavior unbecoming of responsible business organizations and professionals. This context highlighted the increasing importance of international corporate responsibility (ICR) as a focal point in the study of international business practices.

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  • This conference, the fourth in a series organized by the Center for International Corporate Responsibility at Carnegie Mellon University, was generously sponsored by the Qatar Foundation, the Carnegie Bosch Institute, and Carnegie Mellon's Qatar Campus. Conference presenters in Doha explored a host of specific ICR topics that spanned issues and problems central to the idea of corporate responsibility, as well as ways in which ICR has been manifested in particular countries.

    · ISBN: 1-889680-77-X · Published November 2009 · Paperback · 366 pages ·
    · ISSN 2154-3496 (online) · Online access includes volumes 2, 3, 4 ·