Cover of American Philosophical Association Centennial Series

American Philosophical Association Centennial Series

Complete Set in Print Format - 11 Hardbound Volumes

Richard T. Hull, Series Editor

The American Philosophical Association Centennial Series contain the major addresses delivered by each APA president from 1901 through 2000. The authors are a Who's Who of 20th century American philosophy, and each volume includes biographical sketches, career information, and photographs. Volume 11, edited by John Shook, contains original interpretive essays on the enduring impact of these addresses.

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  • Notable contributors in these volumes include Donald Davidson, John Dewey, Philippa Foot, Nelson Goodman, Carl Hempel, Sidney Hook, William James, Herbert Marcuse, Ernest Nagel, W.V.O. Quine, John Rawls, Hans Reichenbach, Richard Rorty, Josiah Royce, Wilfrid Sellars, Gregory Vlastos, Alfred North Whitehead, and other well known philosophers.

    · ISSN 2330-6106 (print) · PRINT copies (hardbound) · Volumes 1-10 released December 2013 · Volume 11 released May 2014 ·
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