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Historical Essays in 20th Century American Philosophy

The American Philosophical Association Centennial Series, Volume 11

John R. Shook, Editor

This volume contains original interpretive essays on the enduring impact of the presidential addresses of the American Philosophical Association in its first 100 years. Contributors include Randall Auxier, David Boersema, Michael Brodick, Brian Butler, Drew Christie, Cynthai Gayman, James Good, Brian Henning, David Johnson, Russell Pryba, Nicholas Rescher, Francis Ryan, John Shook, Tibor Solymosi, Nancy Stanlick, and Mark Tschaepe. This volume completes The APA Centennial Series.

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  • The American Philosophical Association Centennial Series was published under the supervision of Richard T. Hull as a lasting contribution to professional philosophy in the United States.

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    · Volume 11 · eBook: ISBN 978-0-9859748-3-1 · Print: ISBN 978-0-9859748-2-4 · 517 pages · Published 2015 ·
    · This volume released online May 2015 · Volumes 1-10 released online December 2013 ·

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