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Philosophy of Education

The Proceedings of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, Volume 3

David M. Steiner, Editor

Drawn as they are from several symposia and different panels of the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, these texts show a striking convergence across very different perspectives. To a remarkable degree the collection as a whole has embraced a synthesis of Protagoras, Dewey, John Stuart Mill, and the ideal speech community evoked two decades ago in the work of Jürgen Habermas. To summarize the credo, philosophy and education, or rather philosophy as education, should make the world safe for pluralism, open ended communication and experimentation, and the quest for an inclusive social consensus. Contributors include Margaret Chatterjee, Wu Kuang-ming, Matthew Lipman, Gareth Matthews, León Olivé, Lucius Outlaw, Israel Scheffler, and Tu Wei-ming.

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    · ISBN-13: 978-1-889680-07-1 · ISBN-10: 1-889680-07-9 · Hardbound · 234 pages, 19 contributions · Published 1999 ·

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