Cover of Semiotics 2015

Semiotics 2015

"Virtual Identies"

Jamin Pelkey and Stéphanie Walsh Matthews, Editors

Semiotics is the annual yearbook of the Semiotic Society of America. Semiotics 2015 contains a selection of revised papers originally presented at the Society's 40th annual meeting in October 2015. SSA is an interdisciplinary professional organization that supports innovative scholarship linking analytical and critical approaches to the postmodern world. Each year it sponsors a meeting organized around a particular theme and each conference volume is based on the work of the conference. This volume is now available!

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    · ISBN: 978-1-63435-024-2 · Print (Hardbound) · 280 pages · $48 · Published September 2016 ·
    · ISSN 0742-7611 (print) · Online access to this volume included with the Semiotics Yearbook ·

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