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New Approaches to Business Ethics

The Ruffin Series of the Society for Business Ethics, Volume 1

R. Edward Freeman, Editor

New Approaches to Business Ethics was the first in a series jointly sponsored by the Society for Business Ethics, the Ruffin Foundation and the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Virginia. The editorial team of the Society's journal took on the work on this series, which was originally published by Oxford University Press. In various ways the essays in this volume signalled the extent to which business ethics had matured as a field of scholarly inquiry. These essays represented new directions for business ethics, and taken together pointed to a bright future for future work in the field. Contributors include Norman Bowie, George Brenkert, Joanne Ciulla, Ed Hartmann, Richard Rorty, Pat Werhane, and Andrew Wicks.

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    · No ISBN · 315 pages, 18 contributions · Published 1998 by the editorial office of Business Ethics Quarterly ·
    · PRINT FORMAT (paperback) · Online access available with The Ruffin Series of the Society for Business Ethics ·

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