Cover of Democracy, Racism, and Prisons

Democracy, Racism, and Prisons

The Proceedings of the Radical Philosophy Association, Volume 5

Harry van der Linden, Editor

This volume contains papers presented at the Seventh Biennial Conference of the Radical Philosophy Association in 2006. The general theme of the conference was “Reclaiming Democracy: Visions and Practices from the Radical Left.” The call for conference papers noted that “we live in a time both dreadful and hopeful”—“dreadful” because it is a time of “empire” run amok with military interventions, torture, surveillance, and the like, all in the name of freedom and democracy, while in fact thoroughly perverting these ideals; yet, “hopeful” because it is a time of global resistance, and in this resistance democracy is reclaimed as goal and practice. Both visions are presented here.

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  • · ISBN-13: 978-1-889680-57-6 · ISBN-10: 1-889680-57-5 · Paperback · 257 pages, 13 contributions · Published 2007 ·
    · ISSN 1934-547X (print) · This volume is also available online ·