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The Philosopher's Index Thesaurus

Revised Second Edition

Revisions by Kelly Moore Broughton, MLS

This unique reference work is intended to facilitate effective searches of electronic versions of The Philosopher's Index. It provides a standardized list of the subject descriptors assigned to each entry in the Index database, as well as numerous cross references to equivalent and more specific terms. It also provides a general overview of the content of the database, a summary of indexing policies, a list of the journals indexed, and a guide to the many abbreviations used. Also included is a standardized list of "Frequently Named Persons" as well as a useful section on "Hints for Effective Searching" of the database. To help researchers better understand the content of The Philosopher's Index database, this work examines a five year span of its content to assess the timeliness of the coverage, the prevalence of English language citations, and the approximate percentage of listings for which abstracts are provided.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Subjects Covered
  • Scope
  • Index Policies
  • Hints for Effective Searching
  • Contacting the Philosopher's Index
  • Abbreviations Used for Journal Dates
  • Abbreviations of Periodicals Indexed
  • Frequently Named Persons
  • Descriptors and Terms

· ISBN-13 978-0-912632-67-4 · ISBN 0-912632-67-4 · Paperback · 105 pages · Published November 1998 ·
· NOTE: previous editions were published by Philosophy Documentation Center in 1979 and 1992 ·

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