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Justice: Critical Legal Theory

No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed - Television That Makes You Think

What makes the law the Law? Are the rules set by society based on immutable truths and forms of nature, or are they more like an evolving draft of guidelines for human conduct? Is the law the product of disinterested reason, or do the critical legal theorists have a point when they trace the shape of the law to the centers of power in our society? With Mark Tushnet, Andy Altman, and Jude Dougherty.

This program was originally broadcast as an episode of No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed®, for years North America's premier philosophy television program. It featured leading thinkers discussing issues vital to the human condition. Philosopher Ken Knisely leads these spirited discussions that combine Socratic inquiry with modern television technology, providing a model for philosophical contributions to public discourse in the electronic age. Each program is available on DVD and the purchase price for each program includes non-public performance broadcast rights for classroom use. Customers also have permission to digitally encode up to 10 minutes of any program and post it to a web site for distance learning or students outside the classroom.

"No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed will engage an audience with its usually spirited discussion on the burning philosophical issues of the day." -- The Washington Post

"A philosophical feast .... a Socratic symposium devoted to skepticism, the pursuit of truth, and the application of philosophical enquiry to everyday life."
-- Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio

· DVD (zone 1) · Purchase price includes non-public performance broadcast rights for classroom use ·

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