Cover of Library of Congress Subject Headings in Philosophy

Library of Congress Subject Headings in Philosophy

A Thesaurus for Information Professionals

Barbara L. Berman, Editor

This thesaurus has been compiled for use by librarians, researchers, and information professionals to facilitate the application of standard subject descriptors to print and electronic resources in philosophy. Compiled from the list of subject headings published by the Library of Congress (LCSH), this thesaurus provides a structured presentation of the main philosophical terms in the LC system, with cross references to broader, narrower, and related terms. It includes an extensive listing of ethnic, national, and religious philosophies. A special preface by Prof. John Shook is included for philosophers.

This thesaurus will be useful for developers of citation databases and other online resources that require appropriate subject descriptors for philosophy articles, monographs, articles, dissertations, or other publications. This thesaurus is also available in XML format. Contact us for more information.

Dr. Barbara Berman was the former Collection Development Librarian in Philosophy at Pennsylvania State University. She was a member of the Subject Analysis Committee of the ALA's Cataloguing and Classification Division, and the former Chair of the ACRL Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies discussion group.

· ISBN-13: 978-0-912632-64-3 · ISBN-10: 0-912632-64-X · PRINT format (hardbound) · 252 pages · Published October 2001 ·