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Directory of American Philosophers, 2018-2019

Twenty-Nineth Edition

Elizabeth Stombock, Research Editor

The Directory of American Philosophers provides a unique overview of the philosopihcal community in the United States and Canada. The 29th edition contains thousands of edited listings for university and college philosophy programs, research centers, professional organizations, academic journals, and philosophy publishers in both countries. It also includes contact information for over 15,000 philosophers in the U.S. and Canada, and a useful statistical overview.


  • Statistical Profile (this edition)
  • 1,681 Philosophy departments
  • Assistantship information
  • 129 Centers & Institutes
  • 175 Societies & Associations
  • 350 Journals
  • 159 Publishers
  • Contact info for 15,000+ philosophers

First published in 1963, the Directory of American Philosophers has been published by the Philosophy Documentation Center since 1972. New editions are published every two years, alternating with its companion volume the International Directory of Philosophy and Philosophers. The print editions of these directories preserve a continuing record of contemporary activity in the field.

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Current content is available online in the International Directory of Philosophy. All listings are free. Outlines of complete listings are provided in the Submissions Guidelines.

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· ISBN: 978-1-63435-034-1 · 29th Edition (hardbound) · 708 pages · Published May 2018 ·
· ISSN 0070-508X (print) · Content also available online in the International Directory of Philosophy ·

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