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Philosophy in the Contemporary World


Executive Co-Editors

Taine Duncan, University of Central Arkansas
Geoff Pfeifer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Submissions and related correspondence should be sent to the following address:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Editorial Advisors

Lani Roberts, Oregon State University
Andy Fiala, Fresno State University

In Memoriam

† Joe Frank Jones III, founding editor (1949-2015)
† Trudy Conway, editorial advisor(1950-2021)

Editorial Review Board

  • Robert M. Baird, Baylor University
  • Amrita Banerjee, Indian Institute of Technology
  • Courtney Campbell, Oregon State University
  • David K. Chan, University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point
  • R. Paul Churchill, George Washington University
  • Richard A. Cohen, Univ. of North Carolina—Charlotte
  • Jeremiah Conway, University of Southern Maine
  • Janet Donohoe, University of West Georgia
  • David Duquette, St. Norbert College
  • Ralph Ellis, Clark Atlantic University
  • John Fritzman, Lewis and Clark College
  • Richard F. Galvin, Texas Christian University
  • Craig Hanks, Southwest Texas State University
  • Charles W. Harvey, University of Central Arkansas
  • Lynn Holt, Mississippi State University
  • Jeff Jordan, University of Delaware
  • Michael Krausz, Bryn Mawr College
  • Robert Metcalf, University of Colorado—Denver
  • Roger Paden, George Mason University
  • Stuart Rosenbaum, Baylor University
  • Ronald Sandler, Northeastern University
  • Carlos Sanchez, San Jose State University
  • Sally Scholz, Villanova University
  • Dane Scott, University of Montana
  • David E. Schrader, American Philosophical Association
  • William O. Stephens, Creighton University
  • Allen Thompson, Oregon State University
  • Jeremy Wisnewski, Hartwick College