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Philosophia Christi

Volume 21, Issue 1, 2019

20th Anniversary Edition

C. Stephen Evans
Pages 33-38
DOI: 10.5840/pc20192117

A Kenotic Theologian’s Response to Andrew Loke’s “Kryptic Model” of the Incarnation

In this article I compare the kryptic model of the Incarnation, developed by Andrew Loke, with two other models, the “two-minds” model and the kenotic model. All three models succeed in showing the logical coherence of the doctrine of the Incarnation, and I concede that Loke’s model has some of the advantages of both of the other two, while avoiding some perceived disadvantages. However, I argue that Loke’s model also has some of the disadvantages of both of the other models. In conclusion I argue that the alleged superiority of the kryptic model over a kenotic model vanishes if one is willing to question the reliability of our a priori rational intuitions about the nature of God on the basis of a view of the divine nature that seems to fit better with the biblical picture of God.