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Philosophia Christi

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2018

Elliott R. Crozat
Pages 401-413
DOI: 10.5840/pc201820241

Does the Purpose Theory of the Meaning of Life Entail an Irrational God?

In this essay, I address an objection to purpose theory (PT). PT holds that fulfilling the purpose God has assigned for humans is a way for human life to be objectively meaningful. According to the objection, PT entails the absurdity that God is irrational. There are at least two versions. I refer to them as Irrationality Objection-1 (IO-1), raised elsewhere by Thaddeus Metz, and Irrationality Objection-2 (IO-2), which I raise in this essay. I summarize IO-1 and replies to it by Metz. I then articulate IO-2 and support the following thesis: if God has middle knowledge (MK), IO-2 fails.