Philosophia Christi

Volume 18, Issue 2, 2016

Symposium on the Trinity in Modern Context

Tyler Dalton McNabbOrcid-ID, Erik D. Baldwin
Pages 451-465

Reformed Epistemology and the Pandora’s Box Objection

Furthering our project of applying Plantinga’s epistemology to different world religions, we do a comparative study of Mormonism and Vaiśeṣika Hinduism and analyze whether they can utilize Plantinga’s epistemology in order to claim that their beliefs about God if true are probably warranted. Specifically, we argue that they cannot, as ultimately they are unable to account for the preconditions needed to make for an intelligible cognitive design plan, due to either affirming an infinite regress when it comes to the designers of our cognitive faculties or affirming an infinite number of cosmological cycles in which our faculties are formed.