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Philosophia Christi

Volume 16, Issue 2, 2014

Robert Greg Cavin, Carlos A. Colombetti
Pages 409-418

Negative Natural Theology and the Sinlessness, Incarnation, and Resurrection of Jesus
A Reply to Swinburne

We respond to Swinburne’s reply to our critique of his argument for the Resurrection by defending the relevance of our counterexamples to his claim that God does not permit grand deception. We reaffirm and clarify our charge that Swinburne ignores two crucial items of negative natural theology (NNT)—that God has an exceptionally weak tendency to raise the dead and that even people with exemplary public records sometimes sin. We show, accordingly, that our total evidence makes it highly probable that Jesus was not sinless, incarnate, or resurrected and that God has permitted massive deception regarding these defining Christian dogmas.

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