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Philosophia Christi

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2012

Symposium on Paul Moser's Religious Epistemology

Amos Yong
Pages 451-459
DOI: 10.5840/pc201214236

Toward a Relational Apologetics in Global Context
A Review Essay on van den Toren’s Christian Apologetics as Cross-Cultural Dialogue

Classical apologetic strategies are in dire straits, according to some experts, particularly in a postmodern, post-Western, post-Enlightenment, and post-Christian world. Benno van den Toren confronts these questions head-on while proposing a methodologically sophisticated and theologically robust rationale for a dialogically oriented Christian apologetics. Christian Apologetics as Cross-Cultural Dialogue invites conversation about epistemological, dialogical, ecclesiological, eschatological, and christological matters, all of which suggest that a new paradigm of apologetics may be on the horizon for evangelical philosophy and theology. Those who disagree will need to make their case against the arguments in this book.

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