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Philosophia Christi

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2012

Symposium on Paul Moser's Religious Epistemology

Jordan Wessling
Pages 335-351
DOI: 10.5840/pc201214229

The Scope of God’s Supreme Love
A Defense of Talbott’s Contention that God Truly Loves Us All

In the course of defending the doctrine of universalism (the teaching that God will eventually reconcile all created persons to Himself ), the philosopher of religion Thomas Talbott has defended the logically independent claim that God loves every created person with what might be termed “supreme love”: the love that makes it so that God, without internal conflict and cessation, truly desires and seeks a created person’s supreme or highest good. Talbott’s arguments concerning God’s supreme love for all have received considerably less attention than his arguments for universalism, a regrettable fact given the relative paucity of philosopher literature dealing with the nature and scope of divine love. Therefore, in this paper, I defend not universalism, but develop and defend one of Talbott’s arguments for the universal scope of God’s supreme love.

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