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Philosophia Christi invites English-language submissions of original research in philosophy, apologetics, philosophical theology, philosophy of religion(s), ethics, worldviews, and philosophical and theological prolegomena. Although articles from specialists and established scholars are preferred, articles of superior quality from graduate students are welcome. Contributors do not need to be members of the EPS. All manuscripts submitted should not have been published elsewhere and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere without the consent of the editor.


The preferred length of articles is between 4,000 and 9,000 words (approximately sixteen to thirty-six manuscript pages). Manuscripts must follow The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed.) and should be printed in twelve-point font, double-spaced with generous margins. All references should be in footnotes. Please prepare any submission as a Word document ready for blind review. Where possible, please submit all submissions via our online delivery system: http://bit.ly/PCSubmission. The online submission form will prompt you to provide contact and paper information, including a one hundred word abstract of the submission. Before acceptance, submissions will be blind reviewed by appropriate referees. We reserve the right to edit for usage and style. All accepted manuscripts are subject to editorial modification. Authors of articles and philosophical notes will receive one gratis copy of the journal in which the article appears along with a reproducible electronic copy of the article or note.

Philosophical Notes

These are brief discussions of a focused issue of philosophical interest to our readers and may be more personal, responsive, or reflective than regular research articles. Responses to previously published articles in Philosophia Christi are published in this section. Notes should normally not exceed 4,000 words, but the style and submission guidelines are the same as regular articles.

Book Reviews

Submission of unsolicited book reviews is permissible, but prior communication with the book review editor is preferred ([email protected]). Proposals for review essays may also be sent to the book review editors via the above address.

Submission Procedure

Please send submissions electronically: http://bit.ly/PCSubmission

Ross Inman, Editor
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
120 S. Wingate St.
Wake Forest, NC 27587

E-mail: [email protected]