Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice

Volume 5, Spring 2023

Claire Cassidy
Pages 3-25

Philosophy with Children
Considering Factors to Facilitate Voice

This article proposes that children’s voice is important. It also suggests that one way in which children’s voice might be supported is through Philosophy with Children. However, when teachers undertake Philosophy with Children to promote children’s voice, it is important that they reflect on their role and the practice to consider how that role and practice enable children’s voice. One way in which teachers might do this is by considering the seven factors for enabling children’s voice identified through the Look Who’s Talking project. The seven factors are as follows: definition, power, inclusivity, listening, time and space, approaches, processes and purposes. The article takes each element in turn to consider the ways in which Philosophy with Children might align with them and offers questions teachers may ask of themselves and their practice. As there is a range of approaches to Philosophy with Children, the article focuses on one model: Community of Philosophical Inquiry.