Precollege Philosophy and Public Practice

Volume 1, Winter 2019

Diverse Approaches to Dialogue in Public and Precollege Philosophy

Amy Reed-Sandoval
Pages 27-41

Can Philosophy for Children Contribute to Decolonization?

In this paper, I explore how Philosophy for Children (P4C) classes can contribute to decolonization efforts. I begin by describing what I mean by both “coloniality” and “decolonization.” Second, I provide a sketch of what P4C classes frequently entail and motivate the case for P4C as a “decolonizing methodology.” Third, I engage a series of decolonial critiques of P4C classes. Finally, I explore ways in which P4C can contribute to decolonization efforts if reformed in response to these critiques. Throughout this paper, I shall draw upon examples from my experiences teaching P4C at the Mexico-U.S. border and in Oaxaca.