The Owl of Minerva

Volume 44, Issue 1/2, 2012/2013

D. C. Schindler
Pages 93-117

"The Free Will Which Wills the Free Will"
On Marriage as a Paradigm of Freedom in Hegel's "Philosophy of Right"

This paper aims to present Hegel’s conception of freedom—as “being at home with oneself in an other”—in simple and straightforward terms. Drawing primarily on the “Introduction” to the Philosophy of Right, in which Hegel outlines the nature of the will, and then the first part of the discussion of Sittlichkeit (ethical substance), in which the will finds its most concrete realization, the paper presents marriage as the paradigm of Hegel’s notion of freedom. Hegel’s abstract formulation, “the free will which wills the free will,” is fulfilled in marriage as a communal willing of community.