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1. National Taiwan University Philosophical Review publishes work form any aspect of philosophy, including articles, discussions, book reviews, news, and comments on articles previously published in the journal.

2. The journal is a semiannual publication, with issues coming out each March and October. Scholars from both Taiwan and abroad are welcome to submit papers.

3. All submitted papers will be sent anonymously to two experts for evaluation. Contributors will be notified of the decision in regard to their submissions by the journal’s editorial board.

4. Submitted papers can be written either in Chinese or in English. Chinese manuscripts should not exceed 25,000 words (notes included) in length, and no English manuscripts over 40 pages (A4, double-spaced) will be considered.

5. It is contributor’s responsibility to revise their manuscripts according tothe suggestion of the editorial board.

6. Authors of published papers will receive thirty offprint copies of their articles and three copies of the issue in which their articles appear.

7. Submitted papers must be previously unpublished. Manuscripts under consideration by any other journal are unacceptable.

8. Submissions should be complete with the following information both in Chinese and English: title, abstract (no more than 500 words), and keywords (no more than five). Papers must follow the National Taiwan University Philosophical Review Style sheet.

9. Please also provide the following information on a separate sheet of paper: name, institution, and position, contact address, email address, and telephone or fax number.

10. The author of a submitted article enjoys copyright privileges, but the journal retains property rights for the article. Therefore, the author has the right to republish in a collection of his / her essays, but anyone else cannot reprint, reproduce or translate articles without acquiring permission from the journal.

11. The contributor may not infringe upon the rights of any third party through plagiarism, reproduction, or in any other fashion. The journal will not be legally responsible for such acts.

12. When submitting a paper, please send three printed copies and one electronic copy of the manuscript in Word format. The contributor should execute the copyright license agreement in duplicate originals, each agreement shall be respectively preserved for reference by the editorial board of the journal and National Taiwan University Press Center.

13. The author should agree to grant a free license of the article which were published in National Taiwan University Philosophical Review, to the editorial board of the journal and National Taiwan University Press Center, and other organizations which co-operated with and authorized by the editorial board of the journal or National Taiwan University Press Center to edit the article into periodical (whether in paper or in electronic form), and duplicate, translate, transmit publicly the article, and archive the article in database, etc., and also allow users to read, download, and print, etc. The author should also agree to grant a license to National Taiwan University Press Center to publish the article in paper and electronic form for the purpose of encouraging the academic research.

14. All editorial correspondence should be addressed to the following address:

Editorial Board, National Taiwan University Philosophical Review
Department of Philosophy
National Taiwan University
No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd.
Taipei, Taiwan 10617, R. O. C.
E-mail: [email protected]