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New Vico Studies


New Vico Studies ceased publication with completion of Volume 27, 2009.

The journal was established in 1983 under the co-editorship of Giorgio Tagliacozzo (1909-1996) and Donald Verene. At Tagliacozzo’s death in 1996 it continued under Verene's editorship. Its annual issues became a repository of essays and commentaries on, and translations of, Vico’s works, as well as a record, in its book reviews, of the renaissance of Vico scholarship. All issues remain available in electronic format.

Final Editor

Donald Phillip Verene

Associate Editors

    Molly Black Verene
    Thora I. Bayer

Foreign Books Editor

Gustavo Costa

Editorial Board

  • Andrea Battistini, University of Bologna
  • Isaiah Berlin†, Oxford University
  • Gustavo Costa, University of California, Berkeley
  • Marcel Danesi, University of Toronto
  • Max Harold Fisch†, Indiana University–Purdue University
  • Ernesto Grassi†, University of Munich
  • Bruce A. Haddock, Cardiff University
  • Donald R. Kelley, Rutgers University
  • Joseph Mali, Tel Aviv University
  • Giuseppe Mazzotta, Yale University
  • Michael Mooney, Lewis and Clark College
  • Leon Pompa, University of Birmingham
  • Alain Pons, University of Paris–Nanterre
  • John D. Schaeffer, Northern Illinois University
  • José M. Sevilla, University of Seville
  • Nancy S. Struever, Johns Hopkins University