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The New Scholasticism


Since 1926, scholars and thinkers, mostly based in Canada and the United States, have forged a unique tradition and community known as the American Catholic Philosophical Association (ACPA). Steeped in classical sources and cultivating the Catholic Philosophical heritage, this tradition is known for creative engagement with major philosophers of every era and bold responses to the themes and issues of contemporary philosophy. More information about the ACPA is available on its website -

ACPA members have online access to all published issues of all ACPA publications as a benefit of membership:

  • American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly, Volume 64 (1990) to the present
  • The New Scholasticism, Volumes 1-63 (1927-1989)
  • Philosophical Studies of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, 3 volumes
  • Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Volume 1 (1926) to the present
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