The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

Volume 23, Issue 4, Winter 2023

The Thirtieth Anniversary of Veritatis Splendor

Rev. Ryan Connors
Pages 655-668

Veritatis Splendor at Thirty
Three Decades of Moral Teaching Founded on the Splendor of Truth

Ecclesial commentators often describe the corrective function Pope St. John Paul’s 1993 encyclical letter Veritatis splendor exercised at the end of the twentieth century. Dissenting theological opinions, both from revisionist theologians of the immediate post-conciliar period and dissenting authors today, can find magisterial clarity in the encyclical. The document’s importance for an adequate understanding of the subsequent moral magisterium has received less fulsome treatment. With this essay, we examine five important and challenging teachings of the moral magisterium since the publication of Veritatis splendor that rely on the wisdom of the encyclical. In fact, a proper conception of each of these teachings will require adherence to the truths expressed in the 1993 document.