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The National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

Volume 21, Issue 4, Winter 2021

Rev. Mannes Matous, OP
Pages 633-646

Evaluating the Morality of Transplanting Gonads
Their Place in the Hierarchy of Organs and Effect on Identity

When discussing the morality of gonad transplantation for procreative purposes, it can be tempting to examine the act solely qua reproductive technology. This paper, instead, compares the gonad to the kidney and evaluates the act qua organ transplantation. First, the author expounds a hierarchy of organs in relation to personal identity. Next, after considering an organ’s subjective effect on identity, the author elucidates an organ’s objective effect by ranking the powers of the soul and the goods of the human person. The hierarchy of organs shows the gonad to be among the highest organs and most perfective of the human person. Because of the gonad’s highly personal nature, it cannot licitly be directed to another’s good.