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North American Vexillological Association (NAVA)

A Scholarly Organization Dedicated to the Study of Flags - Membership Services

Founded in 1967, the North American Vexillological Association / Association nord-américaine de vexillologie (NAVA) is a United States and Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to the study of flags and their cultural, historical, political, and social significance. It is one of the largest associations of its kind in the world. The Association oversees a vigorous publications program; organizes an annual meeting in which vexillologists showcase their research; supports flag conservation and flag research projects; and offers awards to recognize and promote excellence in vexillological scholarship. It does not participate in the patriotic promotion of any particular flag.

NAVA serves historians, educators, museum directors, government officials, flag retailers and manufacturers, writers, and designers. Membership is open to individuals or organizations who are interested in vexillology. By submitting a membership application you are agreeing to accept and abide by the NAVA Bylaws. More information is available at www.nava.org.

Members receive a print subscription and online access to Raven: A Journal of Vexillology.

Active Membership
Print and Online (Single user license) $40.00order
Active Student Membership
-- Full-time students, graduate or undergraduate
Print and Online (Single user license) $20.00order
Associate Membership
-- Spouses of active members or individuals under age 18.
Print and Online (Single user license) $20.00order
Organizational Membership
-- Includes preferred advertising rates, exhibit space
at the Annual Meeting, and listing on NAVA.org
Print and Online (Single user license) $60.00order
Subscription option for Institutions
-- Any school, library, or other institution may subscribe to Raven: A Journal of Vexillology

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