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North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP)


The North American Society for Social Philosophy sponsors an annual conference, as well as sessions at meetings of the Canadian Philosophical Association and the American Philosophical Association.

International Social Philosophy Conference

This annual meeting provides a collegial environment for the sharing of professional work in social philosophy, broadly conceived. From its inception it has emphasized the support and nurturance of serious intellectual engagement, in contrast to an atmosphere of competion or doctrinal exclusion. Themes for the conference range from the sociological to the ethical to the political (and the economic and legal). The conference is also methodologically ecumenical. NASSP supports work in so-called mainstream philosophical analysis and the history of philosophy, along with a wide range of alternative perspectives.

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Recent Conferences

  • 2018 - 35th Conference: Health, Well-Being, and Society
  • 2017 - 34th Conference: Justice: Social, Criminal & Juvenile
  • 2016 - 33rd Conference: Power and Public Reason
  • 2015 - 32nd Conference: Education & Social Justice
  • 2014 - 31st Conference: Power, Protest, and the Future of Democracy
  • 2013 - 30th Conference: Food
  • 2012 - 29th Conference: Civic Virtues, Divided Societies, and Democratic Dilemmas
  • 2011 - 28th Conference: Freedom, Religion, and Gender
  • 2010 - 27th Conference: Poverty, Markets, and Justice
  • 2009 - 26th Conference: The Public and the Private in the 21st Century
  • 2008 - 25th Conference: Gender, Equality, and Social Justice
  • 2007 - 24th Conference: Race and Diversity in the Global Context
  • 2006 - 23rd Conference: International Law and Justice
  • 2005 - 22nd Conference: Science, Technology, and Social Justice
  • 2004 - 21st Conference: Human Rights, Religion, and Democracy
  • 2003 - 20th Conference: War and Terrorism
  • 2002 - 19th Conference: Environmental Philosophy as Social Philosophy
  • 2001 - 18th Conference: Truth and Objectivity in Social Ethics
  • 2000 - 17th Conference: Communication, Conflict, and Reconciliation
  • 1999 - 16th Conference: Race, Social Identity, and Human Dignity
  • 1998 - 15th Conference: Cultural Integrity and World Community