Cover of North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP)

North American Society for Social Philosophy (NASSP)


The North American Society for Social Philosophy is an international organization of philosophers founded in 1984. The society sponsors the Journal of Social Philosophy and produces the annual conference series Social Philosophy Today. NASSP also sponsors the annual International Social Philosophy Conference, organizes sessions in conjunction with the national meetings of the American Philosophical Association and the Canadian Philosophical Association, and confers an annual award for the best new book on social philosophy,

The annual international conference provides a collegial environment for the sharing of professional work in social philosophy, broadly conceived. From its inception a quarter century ago NASSP has emphasized the support and nurturance of serious intellectual engagement at this conference, in contrast to an atmosphere of competion or doctrinal exclusion. Themes for the conference range from the sociological to the ethical to the political (and the economic and legal), and the conference is methodologically ecumenical as well; the Society supports work in so-called mainstream philosophical analysis and the history of philosophy, along with a wide range of alternative perspectives(e.g.: feminism, critical race theory, marxism, post-colonial theory,libertarianism, gender studies).

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