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Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies

Volume 13, Issue 2, Fall 1995

William F. Ryan, SJ
Pages 187-219

Edmund Husserl and the 'Rätsel' of Knowledge

The aim of this paper has been a brief examination of Husserl's notion of the riddle of knowing with a comparison to Lonergan's notion of wonder and the intention of being. The examination was undertaken by relating Husserl's concept of a riddle essentially to these central themes: wonder, epoche, and intentionality, with concomitant references to Lonergan's analogous notions. The paper was thus divided into two sections to address these themes of Husserl and Lonergan: Part I: "The Riddle of Knowing"; and Part II: "Wonder and Intentionality." The paper shows that for Husserl the very fact of human knowing in its correlation to transcendence is the riddle, and it shows that for Lonergan the subject wonders at this correlation, and consciously engages its structure of knowing and loving.

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