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Medieval Philosophy and Theology


Final Editor

Scott MacDonald

Founding Editor

Norman Kretzmann

Editorial Board

  • Jan A. Aertsen
  • E. J. Ashworth
  • Stephen F. Brown
  • David B. Burrell
  • Kent Emery, Jr.
  • Ludger Honnefelder
  • Mark D. Jordan
  • Eleonore Stump

Editorial Advisors

  • Marilyn McCord Adams
  • E. J. Ashworth
  • Thérèse-Anne Druart
  • Stephen Dumont
  • Sten Ebbesen
  • Alfred J. Freddoso
  • Charles H. Lohr
  • Aryeh L. Motzkin
  • Luca Obertello
  • Edith Sylla
  • Avital Wohlman

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Editorial Team
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