Volume 48, Issue 105, Enero/Junio 2022

Danilo José Janegitz
Pages 111-124

Formar o Coração. Elementos da Logoterapia e análise existencial aplicados à formação presbiteral e religiosa

The goal is this article is to put together Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, the Theory of Viktor Frankl in the formative practice of the Seminaries and Houses of Formation of Religious Life in the Roman Catholic Church. It brings to the front a bibliographical summary of the aforementioned Theory that could be applied in the Formative Counselling in the Seminaries and Houses of Formation for the Religious Life. It is important to have in mind our Context and the importance of a non reductionist Anthropology. Affirming the importance of the Psychology of the Heights that help us to form the Human Being in a complete way and not in a fragmented one.