Volume 48, Issue 105, Enero/Junio 2022

Enrique A. Eguiarte B.
Pages 59-92

El sacerdocio en san Agustín: Communio y Confessio

The article addresses the theme of priesthood as communio and confessio, showing first of all how the priest must make his life a prolonged Eucharist by becoming not only the minister of the Eucharist, but also how his life must be transformed into bread broken and shared for his brothers and sisters. On the other hand, the union of the priest with the cross of Christ is highlighted, and the Augustinian image of the olive oil mill and the commitment to bear good fruit for God is developed. Following the text of Conf. 10:39, the importance of the priest living in union with Christ is emphasized. Communion implies a participation in the cross of Christ and the four dimensions of the cross of Christ according to St. Augustine and its implications in the priestly life are pointed out. The importance of the priest as an agent of communion and unity within the Church is also highlighted. All these ideas are illustrated with the figures of some of the most famous priests of universal literature.