Volume 46, Issue 102, Julio/Diciembre 2020

Enrique A. EguiarteOrcid-ID, Mauricio SaavedraOrcid-ID
Pages 261-292

La ecología en el De Genesi contra manicheos y el De Genesi ad litteram opus inperfectum de san Agustín

The article deals with Augustine’s idea about Creation and Ecology in the first two commentaries that the Bishop of Hippo wrote, namely, De Genesi contra manicheos and De Genesi ad litteram opus inperfectum. The article stresses that in those Works, St. Augustine underlines that the triune God is the creator of all things. The article also stresses God’s omnipotence, the Creation ex/de nihilo, and also the ecological ideas that Augustine presents in those commentaries, such as the Philocalia as a path to discover the Beauty of God in his works; the Order of the Creation in which all creatures are necessary and are interconnected between them; the Creation as a House in which God as the paterfamilias takes care of all things; the human being as the one who has to take charge of Creation in the Name of God, and how all Creation is directed towards God.