The Lonergan Review

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2016

Applying Lonergan

Morag McAleese, Jessie MacNeil
Pages 100-128

The Integrity Continuum and Lonergan Three Levels of the Good

Workplace behaviour is closely tied to an organization’s ethics governance regime and the strength of its ethical culture. The Integrity Continuum (IC) is an ethics governance approach that incorporates both compliance and values-based approaches to managing workplace behaviour. It has been used as an approach to ethics management in the public sector, and adopted by large law enforcement agencies concerned with border and customs operations. As ethics practitioners, the authors know that ethics governance begins at the top with senior management. Working in a border and customs environment, they also recognize that applying the IC in this environment can be problematic given that operations span many disparate field specializations such as enforcement, security and intelligence, human resources, information technology, and communications, among others. This article on Lonergan’s thought, proposing that his “three levels of the human good” can transcend descriptors found in the literature and praxis. They explore how the levels provide an explanatory framework for understanding how the IC functions in practice. Understanding this functionality can also provide senior management with a diagnostic tool that transcends field specialization and enables them to assess whether their ethics governance style facilitates good conduct.