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Journal of Philosophical Research

Volume 37, Issue Supplement, 2012

Selected Papers from the XXII World Congress of Philosophy

Evandro Agazzi
Pages 85-101
DOI: 10.5840/jpr201237Supplement28

Rethinking Philosophy of Science Today

Modern philosophy of science was, initially, an epistemology of science based on the logical analysis of the language of science. It was superseded by a “sociological epistemology,” according to which the acceptance of scientific statements and theories depends on conditionings coming from the social context and powers, and this view has fueled anti-scientific attitudes. This happened because the sociological turn still expressed an epistemology of science. Science, however, is not only a system of knowledge, but also a complex human activity. Hence, ethical, political, social, religious issues appear legitimate if they concern “doing science.” Therefore, we must “rethink” philosophy of science, accepting in it also an axiology of science that could enable us to retain the cognitive value of science and at the same time to make techno-scientific activity compatible with the satisfaction of a great variety of values that inspire our societies.

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