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Journal of Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry

Volume 7, Issue 17, Spring 2012

James Tar Tsaaior
Pages 28-39

Postcolonial History, Memory and the Poetic Imagination
Interrogating the “Civan” Metaphor in Joe Ushie’s Eclipse in Rwanda.

This paper, therefore, ploughs the furrow of postcolonial history, memory and the poetic imagination deploying the poetry of the Nigerian poet Joe Ushie. In particular, the paper negotiates the Rwandan genocide as a tragic foreground of the imperial process through its indulgent, artificial fixing of boundaries to accomplish its empire-building project in Africa. But beyond the colonial mediation in, and onslaught on, the cultures of others, the paper argues that African societies have also been complicit in their agonistic and violent history as the Rwandan genocide amply demonstrates. The paper concludes that a martial culture reminiscent of Civan, the warmonger, which manifests itself in private and especially public domains will only entrench intolerance, ethnocentrism, communal wars and violent death on the continent.

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