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Journal of Philosophy: A Cross-Disciplinary Inquiry

Volume 4, Issue 9, Spring 2009

Paolo Parrini
Pages 12-25

Methodology and Truth
Analogies Between Hermeneutics and Post-Positivist Philosophy of Science

For a long time–--maybe starting from the well known 1929 meeting in Davos–--the philosophy of exact and natural sciences deriving from Neo-positivism and hermeneutics followed separate ways. Post-positivistic philosophy of science and epistemology, though, saw the emerging of theses showing the existence of some affinities between the empirical method and the hermeneutical method. The paper singles these affinities out and discusses their consequences from the point of view of the problems of objectivity and truth. In particular, it supports the ideas of objectivity as achievement and of truth as empty regulative ideal.

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