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Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion


The Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion seeks to meet a need among philosophers, scholars of religion, specialists of Asian Studies, and other scholars for communication about the great variety of Indian philosophies and religions. The aim is to foster the growth of new ideas and interpretations, a better understanding of the historical and contemporary relevance and importance of these ancient systems and faiths, and the comparative study thereof with other Easten and Western philosophies and religions.

The Society organizes discussions and presentation in conjunction with the meetings of such scholarly bodies as the American Philosophical Association and also organizes international conferences in India. Membership is open to anyone. Most members are teachers and scholars in the areas of philosophy, religion, Asian Studies, anthropology, and sociology, and are from Australia, India, UK, and USA. There are also members in such other fields as education and psychology.

Members receive a print subscription to the Journal of Indian Philosophy and Religion. Membership inquiries should be sent to this address:

Society for Indian Philosophy and Religion
P. O. Box 79
Elon, North Carolina 27244

Phone: (+01) 336 324-3130
E-Mail: [email protected]

More information about the Society's activities is available on Facebook