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Journal of Buddhist Philosophy

Volume 1, 2015

Jongbok Yi
Pages 156-192

Controversy among dGe lugs pa Scholars about What Is Negated in Emptiness According to the Svātantrika-Mādhyamika School

This paper examines intrasectarian controversies among the colleges of the dGe lugs order of Tibetan Buddhism. dGe lugs pa is one of the four or five major orders that developed in the Tibetan cultural region; it was founded by Tsong kha pa (1357–1419) or, as some say, developed from his teachings. This paper looks specifically at Jam yang shay pa’s (1648–1721/22) Decisive Analysis of (Candrakīrti’s) “Entry to (Nāgārjuna’s) ‘Treatise on the Middle’”: Treasury of Scripture and Reasoning, Thoroughly Illuminating the Profound Meaning [of Emptiness], Entrance for the Fortunate.

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