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Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 18, 2021

Dolors Setó-Pamies, Archie B. Carroll
Pages 159-180

Exploring Twitter as a Pedagogical Tool in Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Education

In recent years, considerable discussion has taken place regarding how to ensure business students are acquiring effectively the appropriate competencies related to Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (ECSRS). Instructors in business education are encouraged to explore new methods for teaching ECSRS to strengthen this vital part of the curriculum and technology could play an important role. In this paper, we discuss why Twitter could be an effective teaching method in ECSRS education. The study provides a conceptual framework for the use of Twitter taking into account its major characteristics, main benefits, drawbacks, and key factors designing strategies. Some practical activities are also provided to encourage instructors to take more initiatives using Twitter and contribute to improving ECSRS education.