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Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 18, 2021

Justin D. Shanks, Germán Scalzo, María Teresa Nicolás-Gavilán
Pages 143-158

Applying the Contemplative Technopedagogy Framework: Insights for Teaching Ethics Using TV Series

Digital media and technology are nearly ubiquitious in contemporary higher education, As such, researchers and educators are keen to identify best practices and understand impacts. Digital media and technology present opportunities to cultivate interactive, creative teaching-learning communities. However, inclusion of digital media and technology in a course does not necessarily cultivate creative engagement or deep reflection among students. This manuscript studies how a contemplative approach to teaching with digital media, specifically TV series, can lead to more effective and engaging in the process of teaching professional ethics. This research explores how the Contemplative Technopedagogy Framework can enrich the use of TV series for teaching professional ethics and positively influence the effective integration of ethical behavior into university students’ future professional lives.