Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 15, Issue Special Issue, 2018

The Reflective Practitioner: Learning Beyond the Business School

Cécile Ezvan, Patricia Langohr, Cécile Renouard, Aurélien Colson
Pages 49-70

Final Ends at the Forefront
Lessons from a Pedagogical Experience at ESSEC Business School

This paper provides a conception and qualitative analysis of a recent innovative pedagogical experience, a two-week program called “Understand and Change the World”, which is designed to help business schools generate an impetus towards change within students, faculty, and administrators and more generally to the institution’s systemic sustainable capability. We argue that harnessing the ends rather than the means is the key to meeting sustainability challenges within business schools. The conceptual basis of our program provides broad avenues for business school pedagogy. The pedagogy relies on students’ sense of meaning and practical wisdom to raise empathy, awareness of the common good, and the fundamental relevance of such empathy and awareness for the business world. This implies taking a step back from the traditional instrumental approach to business education and, more broadly, to careers and business.