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Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 13, 2016

Belinda Gibbons, Mario Fernando, Trevor Spedding
Pages 293-324

Teaching and Learning Responsible Decision-Making in Business
A Qualitative Research Evaluation of a Simulation-Based Approach

Practitioner and academic literature document serious concerns about the current approach to business higher education. Two key issues frequently noted are the silo disciplinary focus and the lack of exposure to responsible decision-making. Scholars and practitioners have proposed that the issues with the current undergraduate business education approach warrant the rethinking of traditional business teaching and learning models. This study proposes an alternate to teaching and learning responsible decision-making in undergraduate business education and reports the findings on the implementation of a web-based simulation using a systems approach to teaching and learning responsible decision-making. Using teaching observations and student reflections surveys, this paper explains the impact of this teaching approach on final-year undergraduate business students. The key findings suggest that a web-based simulation using a holistic systems approach to teach responsible decision-making using collaborative engagement fosters a valuable and unique student learning experience.

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