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Journal of Business Ethics Education

Volume 9, 2012

Nhung T. Nguyen, M. Tom Basuray, Donald Kopka, Donald McCulloh
Pages 79-100

Moral Awareness in Business Ethics Education
An Empirical Investigation

In this study, a U.S. Mid-Atlantic university’s business ethics education program was assessed as part of the assurance of learning assessment using a sample of one hundred and thirty upper level undergraduate business students. Across three moral dilemmas, i.e., Accounting, Finance and Human Resource Management, Jones’ (1991) issue contingent ethical decision-making model received considerable support. Both moral awareness and moral judgment were found to be related to moral intent. A focus in moral awareness in business ethics curriculum was recommended as a result of lying being viewed as acceptable by a majority of respondents in the Human Resource Management scenario. Implications for business ethics education were discussed.

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